4 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is a Top Priority for Small Businesses

4 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is a Top Priority for Small Businesses

by Swarada Chitale March 04, 2020

The world has become an incredibly busy place. People have come closer, and professions have gotten a lot more complicated than they used to be.

What better way to describe the current fast-paced professional world than the proverb – ‘Time is Money.’

Gone are the days when companies required their employees to put in a lot of meaningless effort.

The time has come when businesses require minimum energy to be put in and used efficiently, and get maximum results in return. Businesses are aiming towards saving time and making more money out of it.

This brings us to an important concept that is helping businesses achieve this feat – Automation.


What is Automation and Marketing Automation?

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Automation is the use of automatic technology to carry out tasks with minimum human assistance.

Marketing Automation is when companies use software tools to target customers with automated messages across all social media platforms.

Marketers now don’t want the hassle of putting in effort for the most mundane tasks. They rely on using Marketing Automation tools to effectively market on multiple platforms simultaneously, which guarantees increased exposure for the business, cost-effectiveness, and saves time.

Let us look at a few reasons why the rapidly increasing small businesses need this kind of automation.


4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Marketing Automation

Small Businesses often have a modest budget to spend on marketing campaigns.

Bringing in external resources can prove expensive unless the marketing agency is completely in sync with the business goals. This is why small businesses need marketing automation.

In the last few years, companies have increasingly started using marketing automation largely due to its convenience.

Here are a few other reasons :


1.  Increase in Productivity

More than 51% of companies are using automation strategies due to their contribution to increasing productivity.

Around 74% marketers think that using marketing automation saves time. And since time is in fact money, this increases the overall productivity of the business in terms of more income, and less time required to promote a campaign.


2.  Improved Customer Retention

Marketing automation is mostly used to get new clients by businesses.

50% of marketers use automation to retain their customers. By providing them with regular automated updates suited to their needs, the businesses successfully maintain the interest of their customers.

Automation strategies also provide insights to business owners about their customers and predict customer needs. This, in turn, minimizes efforts for customers and guarantees convenience from the business.


3.  Better Return On Investment

ROI or Return on Investment is the revenue a business generates enough revenue as compared to what it had invested in the first place.

Around 90% of business using automation tools have reported it to be beneficial for their business. An automated marketing campaign also helps in increasing sales.

Moreover, it uses targeted ads and targets audiences perfect for the business, thus increasing the appeal of the business for its customers.


4.  Ensures Effective Tracking of Campaigns

Along with planning and implementing marketing campaigns, it is also important for small businesses to track their performance.

It is what determines whether your marketing campaigns have become more fruitful or have deteriorated.

By keeping track, businesses can compare their end results with their previous marketing campaigns and determine their success rate. It helps them take the required steps to customize the campaign and make it more successful.

Businesses using automated tracking tools can track campaigns better than those who don’t.

Now that we know why small businesses need marketing automation, let us take a look at the various marketing automation software and tools that are available for businesses to use.


Best Marketing Automation Software and Tools

There is an endless variety of marketing automation software and tools that can be used to optimize a marketing campaign for a small business.

Here, we have shortlisted the five most popular ones.


1. HubSpot

HubSpot has been named the most popular and powerful marketing automation tool by its users.

The software is easy to use and offers some of the best analytics which enable the business to know what is working for their marketing campaign and what is not.

It has a full suite that includes sales software and support software in addition to the marketing software.

HubSpot’s marketing automation function uses an easy to use visual board to craft good workflows.


2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a software created especially for small businesses.

It is cost-effective and has email marketing and marketing automation. It is innovative, making use of different tools and launching regular updates for messages marketing.

Active Campaign is incredibly user-friendly and helps you launch marketing campaigns effortlessly. Their customer support is also very friendly and are quick to respond, providing solutions.


3. Ontraport

Ontraport happens to be one of the lesser-known marketing automation software, but it is no less powerful for all that.

It gives a detailed report of your campaign’s metrics with a very visual layout, giving a clear look at the workings of the campaign. It has a good ability to automate postcards and SMS.

In addition, it is easy to experiment with marketing campaigns on Ontraport.


4. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is most known for its automated email tools.

It has a lot of advanced marketing features including reporting and lead scoring. It is stable and a relatively simple marketing tool.

SendinBlue also includes a free plan which is pretty impressive, since most automation software doesn’t deviate from paid plans. It is also possible to run SMS campaigns using this software.


5. Drip

Drip is one of the few software that primarily focuses on e-commerce marketing automation. It provides a platform to launch any type of marketing campaign.

One of the strengths of Drip is its automated emails system, in addition to automated workflows, analytics, and multi-channel marketing.



Though these tools provide an amazing automated marketing experience, it is necessary for businesses to keep in mind elements like dynamic content, realistic expectations from campaigns and follow up automation.

Considering these elements will help small businesses optimize their campaigns and use these tools and software to their full potential.

Having said that, if these tools are currently over-budget for your business, you can always employ the services of a marketing agency to help with your marketing strategies.

What do you think about marketing automation for small businesses? Let us know in the comments section below.



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