Brand You offers a plethora of online solutions for enterprising homepreneurs who want to tap into the power of social media marketing but cannot look into it in detail because they are swamped by their business commitments.

The idea to provide this helping hand came during a business networking meetup, where we realised that there are dozens of home-based entrepreneurs who have great products and an ambitious vision for their business. They had everything working for them – a great organizational team, committed founders, creative ideas, and most importantly, amazing products!

If there was one hitch, it was that they were limited to manual marketing in their business development efforts. The commitment towards business development left them no time to explore the field of social media marketing, though they understood that it was a strong resource they could use.

Ritu and Swarada, the founders of BrandYou, realized that they could help each of these solopreneurs to tell their story and take their art forward.

Hence, the idea of combining the entrepreneurial knowledge of these independent start-ups and the technical and marketing expertise of our founders.

Brand You - a singular solution for creating brand awareness like never before, that too within the budget constraints!


Brand You is your personal marketing partner that takes care of your business from the get-go.

Be it handling your social media portfolio or clinching a slot in an exclusive exhibition for you to pitch your wares, we have got you covered. The idea is not just to promote your brand, though that is sort of the core of what we do, but to help you grow into a successful enterprise. We are genuinely interested in shaping an upward trajectory for your business and so we walk with you every step of the way.

Most marketing agencies boast about the number of shares your post gets or the number of ‘likes’ your page gets; we talk in terms of the people you connect with.

While these are good things to have, art and lifestyle is about more than just numbers on a paper. We understand this perfectly and hence, all our strategies and campaigns centre around building lasting relations with the people of your field. As you know, solid PR can do more for your business than a marketing spree that gives you a one-off contract. We help you connect with the right people to boost your brand reach.

At Brand You, we are dedicated to developing an audience for your niche and establishing a personal connect between you and your clients. This combination of technical expertise and a personalised approach can help you increase your brand reach online, without any of the effort of managing it!


Ritu Saraf

Ritu has been instrumental in transforming businesses with her ability to quickly connect to the client and understanding all the fundamentals of their vision. Her professional experience in finance and her entrepreneurial vision help her identify the key factors that can be the most commercially viable from a marketing point of view. With her creativity, she effortlessly designs a marketing strategy which will maximise the potential of the brand’s USP. In line with the vision of Brand You, Ritu keeps constantly assessing new ways to generate value for our clients.

Swarada Chitale

Swarada is our brand management expert. Her knack for executing and guiding business plans and implementing strategic campaigns in tight budgets is amazing. In addition, she handles all our digital media solutions too, creating personalised approaches for every client, tailored to their business. Swarada is an immensely driven professional strategic marketer with a strong commercial acumen. She has a proven track record of developing and delivering successful digital strategies with expertise in strategic development, project management, social media marketing, and content writing.

Our Happy Clients

Ok, enough of playing our own harp. We’ ll let you hear what our clients have to say about us!


Its been a great experience working with the both of you. You are very professional and its nice to meet a social media company that understands you and what your company is about and promotes you in the right manner

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