7 Quick Hacks to Boost your Engagement on Facebook

7 Quick Hacks to Boost your Engagement on Facebook

by Brand You Digital Team May 09, 2018

Facebook Engagement Hacks

The Global population touched the 7.6 billion in December 2017. According to Facebook’s filling ending in the same period, it reported 2.13 billion monthly active users. It means that more than 1 in 3 people around the world log onto the social media website. Their advertising revenues even surpassed $40 billion for the year 2017 and has been growing at a rate of 50% since it went public. Meanwhile, all the traditional advertising avenues such as newspapers, radio and magazines have been experiencing a downward spiral in the past decade due to the shift towards going digital.

All this leads to one conclusion. Facebook has a dominant position in the advertising sphere. Its rivals are nowhere close to the platform in terms of active users; Twitter and Instagram(a sister company) are far out of its reach by a stretch of a mile with monthly active users of about 330 million and 300 million respectively. With the numbers on its side and users spending more time on the platform, we certainly are living in the “era of Facebook”.

It undoubtedly, is the best platform for businesses to flourish in the age of digital marketing.

If you are starting out on Facebook, here are 7 suggestions that will come in handy without leaving a hole in your wallet.


1) Click on ‘See First’

Facebook recently, announced changes in their algorithms that will change the way users see their newsfeed. The changes announced will lead to users being able to see more posts from friends and family over content publishers and public pages. The best way to adapt to these changes is to make your followers aware of the option to ‘See First’. This way, your followers will stay updated with posts and your engagement with users will not be affected. By posting an update with regards to the topic and ‘pinning’ the post to the top, there is an increased likelihood that more users will follow suit.

With newsfeed algorithms changed, The Independent, a leading British newspaper which continues to operate as an online media service would have been hardest hit by the new changes. It was necessary therefore, to inform its readers that they made the required changes so that their viewership is not affected.


2) Entertain through videos

Facebook is the second most popular platform behind YouTube for posting video content. However, in terms of reach, Facebook is well ahead of YouTube when it comes to posting videos. Facebook serves as an excellent platform to like and share videos that have the ability to reach a wider audience in the shortest while.

You don’t need the right hashtags nor do you need any celebrity endorsement to build a larger fan following, but all it takes is higher user engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares.

Also, videos with captions tend to receive more post clicks since they appear to users without sound at first and thus, need to attract attention from users in the shortest span of time to gain followers. Luckily, Facebook provides a caption option for its videos and thus, requires no extra effort to edit for.


3) Stream Live with Live Video

Live Video is another tool on Facebook that will contribute towards increased user engagement. You can choose to live stream a number of activities. Live streaming behind the scenes, an impromptu Q&A, an event underway or interviewing your customers/followers are all some of the most popular ones. The key here is that by giving your followers an insight into your business, you are making them feel more connected to your brand. This in turn, helps improve brand awareness and increased engagement which indirectly, helps your business to reach to a bigger audience on the platform. Remember that user engagement is the key to attracting more followers to your page on Facebook.


4) Directly Engage with your audience

Direct engagement with followers has been on the rise on Facebook. With the emergence of ‘memes’, they have proved to be highly entertaining and many followers have boarded the ship. One of the most popular ways pages have generated higher engagement is by encouraging their followers to ‘tag’ their friends on their posts(normally memes or funny videos).

Here is a nice example of a ‘tag your friends’ post uploaded by UNILAD Sound. By encouraging its followers to tag their friends on a so called ‘meme’, their user engagement is boosted as a result of it. The page continues to entertain their followers by posting memes on a regular basis.

Another popular to increase user engagement is to get your audience involved in a poll or a quiz. Facebook has an option to conduct a poll however, many businesses run some competitions in a unique format.


5) Responding to comments

Being a visitor to a page naturally, raises questions in people’s mind about the type of product or service they offer. To inquire about the product, visitors are likely to leave a comment on your posts asking for further clarification or a solution to a problem they have encountered from your product. Small businesses stand to benefit by answering to those comments. It will further engage visitors on your platform and your page will receive more comments thereby, generating more followers and more engagement.

Waitrose is a premium supermarket brand in the UK and has a chain of about 350 stores around the country. Being involved in a business which sells a large variety of products ranging from fresh produces to household essentials, there would be some problems faced everyday by shoppers. Facebook serves a good platform for them to raise their issues and simultaneously, businesses can respond to their customers in the quickest possible manner which shows that they care about their customers. We can see below how Waitrose tries to resolve their shoppers’ concerns on a personal level.


6) Add ‘Call to Action’ buttons

Facebook has provided pages with an option to include Call To Action(CTA) buttons that can be placed right below the cover photo.

The purpose of CTA buttons is to drive up traffic to your business or website. When visitors check out your page, it provides a direct and visible way for them to connect with you. Small businesses directly stand to benefit as a result of improved accessibility to visitors on your page which encourages them to try out your product(s) and at the same time, follow your page, all of which will directly lead to increased engagement on your page from your customers/visitors.

Facebook currently, has availed 7 Call To Action buttons:

  1. Book Now
  2. Contact Us
  3. Use App
  4. Play Game
  5. Shop Now
  6. Sign Up
  7. Watch Video

MojoBar is a FMCG startup focused on healthy snack bars. To scale up their operations, the business needs to adopt a growth strategy focused on building a loyal brand following as well as accelerating sales numbers. The Shop Now CTA is suited to their page as it directs visitors to their amazon webpage through which they can explore their products and also, makes it easier to place a purchase order.

Depending upon the type of business, you could appropriately select one that will help in getting maximum clicks on the button from visitors.


7) Reviews

In addition to likes, comments and shares, another form of user engagement includes reviews. Reviews have been found to directly influence a customer’s perception about the brand. According to a YouGov survey, 78% of visitors rely on reviews on making purchase orders. On Facebook, it is advantageous to turn on the option of writing reviews on your page. A high rating would would generate confidence amongst visitors to trust your brand and enable them to become your potential customers. Make sure you encourage your satisfied customers to share their experience by writing a review on Facebook.

Lakme Salon is a makeup and hair salon that has salons all over India. Since the business is involved in the beauty industry, it is essential for them that the services they provide ensures that their customers are highly satisfied and what better way than to leave a review on their Facebook page for the world can act as a testament to it.


If you are looking to boost your user engagement rates, contact us today.

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