5 Social Media Strategies That Will Work for You in 2018

5 Social Media Strategies That Will Work for You in 2018

by Swarada Chitale February 26, 2018

5 Social Media Strategies That Will Work for You in 2018

Social Media has undergone a revolutionary change in the past decade. With its rapid growth and development, social media has had a substantial amount of influence on the concept of marketing. Social media marketing has now become a global phenomenon for major league companies and small businesses alike, to display their products and to reach a wider audience.

Influencing millions on social media is not an easy task. The excellent example of making an impact on the audience would be Ryan ToysReview. This 6-year-old opens up toys, plays with them, and offers his opinions about them. That’s all! This off beat idea is a golden opportunity for toy companies to market their product and reach out to other kids and their parents. The kid has also become a millionaire in the process!

However, life is far from hunky dory when it comes to creating effective strategies in social media marketing. The recent influx of written, verbal, and video content has created a lot of challenges for social media marketers. How do you find something new when everything seems to have been done before?!

Let us see what are the challenges marketers face while coming up with social media strategies for small businesses.

Current Challenges in Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

  1. Decline in Relevant Material

Since social media is accessible around the clock, the sheer amount of traffic on social media is shocking, the more so because a very small percentage of it is relevant. Anybody with a computer is free to write what he/she wants, which results in a lot of trashy content.

The volume of traffic has increased exponentially. On Facebook, for example, if you post something important in your feed, there are high chances that it would be lost and probably ignored in this vast sea of data. So, the content that you post should have relevance, it should be catchy and attractive, something that will pop out and make the user want to read it.


  1. Content Development

Most marketers tend to hash the same old subjects over and over, writing and blogging, and posting about it. There is not even a change in perspective to make it less tedious!

However, it is important to constantly implement innovative ideas and avoid repetition of the content. The content, whether it be video or in a written format, must be properly curated, precise and relevant to the product. The feedback from the customers must also be taken into account to create original and meaningful content.


  1. Data Management

Data management deals with acquiring the perfect amount of knowledge that can power your business and ensure that it reaches the right people. The amount of data available is vast and it is important to process it and make it available to your audience.

Apart from these, staying updated with the current trends in marketing is in itself a big challenge. The world of social media has evolved tremendously in the past 20 years with newer and better strategies coming up every day.

Tracing the change in social media marketing, here are a few social media strategies to look forward to in 2018.

Social Media Strategies that Will Dominate 2018

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The use of augmented and virtual reality in mobile devices has made it easy for companies to target the perfect audience. This interactive technology is quickly becoming popular. With the launch of high-end smartphones like iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Google Pixel 2, AR experiences like interactive emojis, live emojis, and face filters have become all the rage now among the consumers.

Virtual reality has impacted the gaming world the most, but its applications are not limited to that one field. Mobile devices now offer a VR mode where users can experience a realistic experience with the help of VR glasses.

These popular concepts, on being applied to marketing, can help influence the audience to an even larger extent. The companies will be able to display their products in a new and better perspective using AR and VR technology, sometimes even offering the actual experience of using the product!

  1. Ephemeral content

The popularity of ephemeral content has skyrocketed in the last few months. The concept of a temporary post was introduced by Snapchat, where the uploaded content would last only for 24 hours. The concept became so popular that every social media platform including Facebook and Instagram now offers the same feature.

The stories, as they are called, allow you to adopt a more authentic approach of marketing your product with the help of animations, gifs and other customizations. These stories are expected to be highly effective in social media marketing as they are more quality-based and time-saving. There are approximately 250 million stories uploaded everyday and each one has something unique to offer!

Increasing brand awareness by repeated reminders is one of the ways in which ephemeral content can help small businesses and solopreneurs.


  1. Video Will Be More Popular than Written Content

Users on social media generally are more receptive of videos as opposed to articles or any written content for that matter. As of 2017, it has been observed that 90% of the content shared on social media is video. The ability of a video to instantly capture the attention of the audience has made it the fastest-growing ad format.

Marketing through videos has been followed for many years now, but the wider reach of social media ensures that an effective or impactful video will reach the widest range of audience. All different types of companies, be it Sportswear, Automobile, or Food Joints are currently marketing through videos on social media.

As per HubSpot and Social Media Examiner, there was a 14% increase in the use of videos for marketing on social media in 2017 and this percentage will grow in the coming year. Live videos are also expected to play an important role in 2018.


  1. Hyper Local Marketing

When it comes to small businesses, local services that are endorsed on social media have a greater chance of being successful. The close proximity proves your trustworthiness and gives a chance for home entrepreneurs and the local businesses to flourish. Small-scale start-ups, local jewelers, artists, freelancers, will be able to gain more exposure through social media marketing in their immediate local areas.

One of the main reasons for this is that Google and Facebook have started to provide platforms for local business to gain an audience and marketing opportunities on par with the biggest brands.


  1. Curated Content for Better Reach

While there is no dearth of content on social media, content specially designed and constantly updated for the benefit of the business is the current need. Content marketing is an excellent way of making people interested in the products and services that you offer. Also, if you want a better audience, there is a need of specific and curated content that will meet the needs of the customers.

Final Thoughts

The change that has taken place in marketing through social media has been gradual and towards the better. Though the concept might be a little hard to grasp, demystifying social media is an easy task and not at all intimidating.

It certainly helps to have a helping hand in creating the perfect social media strategy for your business, especially for solopreneurs who have to otherwise be a one-man-army! What are your views on the future trends that will dominate social media marketing in 2018? Drop a comment to let us know!

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